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The Unifying and Amplifying Force for Human Dignity.

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Mission Statement
Vision Statement
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Dignity Defense Institute is a 5013c non-profit dedicated to becoming the unifying and amplifying force for the defense of human dignity by bringing together experts to find solutions that will transform culture and serve people.

What is the value of Human Life?

Pillar Statement


Our vision is to create a society that understands the inherent and equal value of all members of the human family in order to obtain true justice and peace for all.

Missional Pillars

Equip - Knowledge Equips. 

There are many who vehemently fight to undermine the dignity of human life, and it is through equipping the dignity community with resources that we will amplify the impact of the truth that all innocent life deserves protecting.  

Empower - Empowerment Mobilizes.

Not only must we know the truth, we must be go-forth and fight. For it is through action that evil can be fully defeated. We’re here to empower all those fighting within the dignity community with tools that will allow them to act and amplify impact for the defense of all innocent human life.

Areas of Impact Statement

Educate - Education is Power.

Dignity is the foundation on which the defense of all innocent life stands. We must educate on the foundational precepts of why human dignity matters and why it should be protected, or else any number of atrocities can be committed against humanity without guilt - abortion, sex trafficking, and genocide just to name a few.

Areas of Impact

Every person - no matter their experience, faith, or knowledge background - must be fully educated on what human dignity is and why the defense of it is paramount to improving conditions for all humanity around the globe. 


Every organization - no matter their mission, impact, or reach - should be equip with reputable knowledge resources important to their corner of the fight for dignity.  


Every elected official - no matter the level of government occupied - should be fully empowered with the knowledge of how law impacts the human condition and how it applies to every resolution that lands on his or her desk.

Public Policy

Transforming culture.

Changing lives. 

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