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Nicole Smith

President and Founder, Dignity Defense Institute 

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Meet Nicole, a passionate human dignity warrior with a background in Law and Public Policy and a successful career in Communications.

For over a decade, she has been championing human rights domestically and internationally, leading impactful campaigns that secured the release of persecuted Christians worldwide.

In 2020, Nicole faced a life-altering experience when her daughter was born distressed and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. This deeply personal journey ignited her advocacy for her little one's value, driving her to raise her voice for those often marginalized within society.


Driven by her work and personal experiences, Nicole founded Dignity Defense Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to reminding humanity of its immeasurable worth. Dignity is the bedrock of every battle waged for justice, freedom, and the defense of life itself.

As the President of the nonprofit, Nicole leads the charge in shaping a brighter future for humanity. She also hosts the thought-provoking podcast, "Pro Dignity, No Doubt," where she engages with individuals who share their stories of transforming pain into redeeming purpose.

When not fighting the good fight, you'll find Nicole living the #MomLife out on the nearest hiking trail, local foodie event, or kids movie showing with her husband and two young daughters.

Join Nicole and Dignity Defense Institute in their passionate pursuit of human dignity, justice, and compassion for all. Let's build a world where every life is cherished, respected, and celebrated.

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