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No Doubt

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Image by Zac Durant

Choosing Happiness

Clay Boatright shares his remarkable journey, navigating the complexities of raising identical twins with severe autism and intellectual disabilities and his wife's diagnosis and death from ovarian cancer. 


Image by Zac Durant

Episode 22:

Choosing Happiness


Clay Boatright shares his remarkable journey, navigating the complexities of raising identical twins with severe autism and intellectual disabilities and his wife's diagnosis and death from ovarian cancer.

Image by Tim Marshall

Episode 19:

Discovering Hope

Deana Gaccione shares her remarkable story as mother who spent 16 years tirelessly searching for solutions to help her disabled daughter. 

Image by Quaid Lagan

Episode 16:

Finding Redemption

Jesse Gibbs recounts her traumatic experiences growing up in a cult-like environment, facing abuse from her mother, and the challenges she encountered in her relationships. 

Image by Wei Gao

Episode 13:

Enslaved in Cambodia

Sara Im's future was bright. She had just moved to the capital city of Cambodia to study engineering, and she was settling into life well until one day, the communists invaded.

Image by Ben Wicks

Episode 10:

Adoption and Special Needs

When Laura and her husband adopted a sibling group, things changed in ways she could never have expected. 

Image by Sérgio Alves Santos

Episode 7:

Hope Beyond Addiction

Tamara Young had been raised in a fundamentalist, abusive home that taught her that she'd never be enough.

Image by Eric Nopanen

Episode 4:

Raised in the Sex Industry

Nicole welcomes certified mental health counselor Amy Pfeffer, who grew up in the sex industry. 

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Episode 1:

Resuscitated at Birth

Kara Fowler - a 20+ year career neonatal nurse - helps tell the story of how Nicole's daughter came into the world in distress. 

Image by lucas clarysse

Episode 21:

Rising from the Shadows

Amanda Blackwood, a survivor of human trafficking who takes us on an empowering journey through the darkest corners of her past to the inspiring heights of her present. 

Image by Zohre Nemati

Episode 18:

Defending God's Image


We had the privilege of hosting a panel of incredible individuals who are at the forefront of the fight against human trafficking. 

Image by Jon Tyson

Episode 15:

Adopted To Addict

Dallas Goodlet learned the truth about his adoption at a tender age, setting the stage for an emotional rollercoaster surrounding his identity.

Image by Annie Spratt

Episode 12:

Satanic Ritual Abuse

Abuse and the journey of recovering memories to healing from the trauma sustained during the most tender years on earth.

Image by Ben Hershey

Episode 9:

Alcoholism and Grey Drinking

Carrie's tender years were littered with lessons about the dangers of alcoholism, and as she entered adulthood, she'd find herself wanting alcohol and alcoholism out of her life entirely. 

Image by National Cancer Institute

Episode 6:

Disability and Joy

Brand and Rebecca Turner found a mission through the struggle of caring for their daughter Kinsley, who was born with Cerebral Palsy.


Episode 3:

Medical Necessity of Abortion

. Omar Hamada, a board-certified OBGYN, explores life in the womb.

Image by Klara Kulikova

Episode 20:

Finding Grace in Pain

Arlene Lehmann is a survivor who has faced both abuse and the emotional turmoil of two abortions. 

Image by Abbat

Episode 17:

Finding Beauty

Darci shares her incredible resilience, transformation, and faith journey in this heartfelt conversation. She delves into her experience of enduring excruciating pain.

Cercando di riparare ai problemi che ti ho causato, Lord Byron Parque Natural De Portovene

Episode 14:

Endless Sickness

Endless, mind-numbing sickness. Bobbi Kahler would find herself bedridden for years without answers as to why. Even worse was that there seemed to be no way out. 

Image by Alexander Grey

Episode 11:

Surviving Lifelong Sexual Abuse

A lifetime of sexual abuse would put Christine Malek in a seemingly unending cycle of addiction and violence. 

Image by Jon Tyson

Episode 8:

Purpose with Quadriplegia

When tragedy struck, the once invincible James would find himself a quadriplegic at the tender age of 19, looking forward to a life he had never planned for. 

Image by freestocks

Episode 5:

Abortion and Shame

 Victoria Robinson, a highly regarded voice in pro-life causes for over three decades, comes on-air to discuss her own abortion story. 


Episode 2: 

Conceived in Rape

In this episode, Nicole welcomes Sherri Clark, a lifelong educator conceived in rape.

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