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Image by Alexander Krivitskiy Woman in the Dark
Image by Alexander Krivitskiy Woman in the Dark

Rising from the Shadows


In today's episode of "Pro Dignity, No Doubt," Nicole Smith is joined by Amanda Blackwood, a survivor of human trafficking who takes us on an empowering journey through the darkest corners of her past to the inspiring heights of her present. Far from the typical heavy narratives, Amanda injects humor into her story, ensuring that listeners emerge uplifted rather than weighed down.

Navigating life after trauma, Amanda delves into personal transformation, sharing candidly about overcoming challenges, rebuilding relationships, and the often-taboo topic of forgiveness. Amanda joins PDND to open up about her journey as a means to amplify fellow trauma survivors' voices and offer actionable insights for a brighter future.

Tune in for stories of resilience, laughter amidst adversity, and the unwavering belief that healing is possible and worth every step of the way. Subscribe now and listen in on a transformative voyage from trauma to triumph.

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