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Image by Sérgio Alves Santos Glass of Wine
Image by Sérgio Alves Santos Glass of Wine


Hope Beyond Addiction

Tamara Young was raised in a fundamental religious yet emotionally and physically abusive home. Her upbringing made her believe she wasn't good enough for God, so she ran as far away from Him as possible. 

After a long and weary battle with alcohol addiction and depression, she was at rock bottom. Up until that point, her life, by all outward accounts, was nothing but a success. But, behind closed doors, she was on a crash course with an early end by her own hand. 

In this week's episode of "Pro Dignity, No Doubt," Tamara Young tells her life story and how an intense intervention by her fiance would put her on a path of redemption. Her upbringing measured her value by the appearance of outward good, but now she sees that she is good enough in Christ alone. Not because she deserves it. But because of His love for her. She is valuable. 

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