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All for Dignity, And Dignity for All

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In a world that often overlooks the sanctity of human life, Christians are called to stand firm for His truth and justice. Our nation faces a crisis where the dignity of the unborn is threatened, individuals with disabilities are marginalized, and human trafficking persists. 


The body of Christ cannot ignore these affronts to His Holy Image.

Join us as Dignity Defenders and become a beacon of light in a world yearning for change. Your monthly contribution will aid us in dismantling the dam of injustice and fostering a culture that cherishes and safeguards every human life. Together, we can alter outcomes and construct a society that honors God and the dignity of all human life is protected.

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Alternative ways to donte

Alternative ways to donate

Would you like to donate using Crypto Currency, Stocks, Bonds, Estate Planning, or Real Estate? We offer multiple ways to turn your assets into a tax-deductible donation that will be a powerful force for good.


Click the button below to email us the option you prefer. One of our team members will contact you immediately to discuss what path to partnership works best for you. 

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