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What is Human Dignity, and How Will This Term End Abortion and Human Trafficking?

A society that understands the inherent and immeasurable worth of the human person is a society that will produce just outcomes for all of its citizens rather than the privileged few.

However, when a society perpetuates the falsehood that human value can be measured by criteria other than simply being a member of the human family, injustices of the most monumental proportions will flourish and largely unchecked - genocide, slavery, trafficking, and abortion, to name a few.

This inherent worth of humanity is succinctly expressed in the term "human dignity." It is also the knowledge of this phrase that possesses the power to transform our culture of exploitation and death into one of justice and liberty for all.

But, how?

Society measuring human value, for example, is exemplified in every form of slavery.

The inferiority of a group is defined by a set of criteria laid out by those who benefit from the enslavement. A person's race, or their tribal association, or their sex, or their socioeconomic background (or "fill in the blank") are all criteria on which the system of slavery can be built.

Then you may say, but we don't have an established system of slavery in the United States anymore.

But oh, we do.

The most prevalent forms of slavery within the United States today are Human Trafficking and Abortion.

For those trafficked for labor or sex, their inferiority is defined by their vulnerability which allows them to be treated as a mere commodity, whereas abortion diminishes the fetus's worth based on his state of total dependence.

But, here is the truth.

Each criterion is equally vile, no matter who or how society benefits. Yet, the only way for these criteria to gain a foothold within society is when the populous does not see human value as inherent and inalienable.

We can pass countless laws to end trafficking and abortion. Still, nothing will go as far in ending the exploitation of another human soul as training up our next generations in the truth that each person owns immeasurable worth beginning at the moment of conception through to natural death.

We must stand in the gap for the truth that human dignity is inherent and equal, or else human value will become fully measurable at any point in development and for any reason in the future.

Dignity Defense Institute is joining the scientific, medical, philosophical, legal, and historical communities into an unstoppable force for the defense of dignity, so we can move towards a brighter future in which all lives - within and without the womb - can prosper.

It's time for the dignity community to stand together and to not only make these atrocities illegal but to make them unthinkable.

Our President, Nicole Smith, founded Dignity Defense Institute out of the genuine desire to remind humanity of its immeasurable worth. No man, culture, or society has the right to design systems of measurement for human value. Whether it is sex trafficking, religious persecution, genocide, abortion, or beyond, DDI will stand in the gap for truth. We will shine a light on all the atrocities of yesterday and today so that these crimes against humanity will not be the reality of tomorrow. Stand in the gap with us. Consider joining our mailing list or making a tax-deductible donation today!


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