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What's the Difference Between Those Slaughtered During Holocaust and Those Eviscerated By Abortion?

Every single life taken by the Reich, for every reason it took it, was wrong.

The vast majority of those who met an untimely end at the hands of Nazis during the Holocaust were Jews. But others were also targeted by the Reich for different reasons: Soviet and Polish civilians, the physically and mentally disabled, homosexuals, and more.

Every one of these groups was deemed subhuman for one reason or another and therefore was dispensable.

But, how did Hitler bring an entire country along for the ride as he carried out his murderous agenda? Words.

Hitler blinded millions with words that made them feel powerful. He sold a lie that without these subhumans, their world would be more prosperous. He was so convincing that not only did millions stand by and let it happen, but many more even joined in on his deranged game: brutalizing and torturing, violently killing, and disposing of the evidence of their shame like it was nothing more than throwing out the trash.

Hitler lied.

It did not make Germany stronger. It made it weaker.

Worse. It made its citizens into monsters.

And what’s more, most didn’t even realize what was happening to bring about Hitler’s glorious new future.

Because they didn’t see the torture; they didn’t see the bodies wasting away into nothing; they didn’t see the gas chambers or the mass graves stuffed full of human remains.

Most of the violence was done out of sight of the general public.

But even without blood on their hands, it was still a blind acceptance of Hitler’s words. They aren’t human. They are the problem. They must be disposed of. Once the problem is out of the way, life will be better.

But here’s the thing.

Either every innocent human life is infinitely valuable…or it is entirely dispensable.

Either millions of lives can be destroyed for any reason, whether they are Jews, or of a different nationality, or of a different physical/mental ability, or of a different sexual orientation, or anything else.

OR, every single innocent life must be protected for no other reason than because they are human.

Human life as being invaluable seems like a simple enough truth. Yet, here we are as a society dehumanizing based on dependence and then slaughtering thousands of subhumans each day within the womb.

They aren’t human.

They are the problem.

They must be disposed of.

Once the problem is out of the way, life will be better.

Hitler lied then. Big Abortion is lying today.

You are strong.

Your child is not the problem.

No innocent human life is disposable.

Your life is better with your child than without.

Just because the violence is being done out of sight, please don’t buy the lie. Choose life for you. Choose life for your baby. Choose the real brighter future.

Our President, Nicole Smith, founded Dignity Defense Institute out of the genuine desire to remind humanity of its immeasurable worth. No man, culture, or society has the right to design systems of measurement for human value. Whether it is sex trafficking, religious persecution, genocide, abortion, or beyond, DDI will stand in the gap for truth. We will shine a light on all the atrocities of yesterday and today so that these crimes against humanity will not be the reality of tomorrow. Stand in the gap with us. Consider joining our mailing list or making a tax-deductible donation today!


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